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BIG READ: ARROW and Seven Other TV Pilots Await Their Fate

Published April 11, 2012 on Vancouver is Awesome.
In mid-May, the five American broadcast networks start to unveil their fall plans in New York and we will know if Arrow, Midnight Sun and six other TV pilots we saw filming in the Vancouver area before the Easter weekend will make it to series for next season. Add one more pilot to film later this year for a total of nine and Vancouver ranks second in production of drama pilots, behind New York’s eleven and ahead of Los Angeles’s eight. Why is our city so popular for American dramas?
Well, Vancouver is beautiful, can look like anywhere-U.S.A., has great crews who are cheaper than U.S. ones and shares the same time zone as L.A., where the showrunners and their bosses live. Not to mention that one of the five pilots shot here last year became a surprise big hit — modern fairy tale series Once Upon a Time. Still, nothing is guaranteed with 41 drama series pilots vying for a limited number of primetime slots.
Of the five The CW drama pilots in town last month, two are considered hot prospects: pilot Arrow (based on DC Comics The Green Arrow) and The-Hunger Games-Meets-The-Bachelor pilot The Selection. By all accounts, Stephen Amell is the Green Arrow in this more Jason Bourne-like and less Smallville-ish production based on the old Smallville lot near the Skytrain. Like The Dark Knight’s re-imagined Batman, Arrow’s vigilante superhero fights crime with martial arts and technology plus the special skill of archery.
I saw Stephen Amell in Gastown in late March in character as his secret identity Oliver Queen with Katie Cassidy as his former love Dinah “Laurel” Lance. And in mid-March, I spied Amell in the downtown eastside during a west coast windstorm with Colin Donnell as his best friend and trustafarian Tommy Merlyn, who drives one-heck-of-a-ride, the Mercedes 2012 SLS AMG (two wings and a cockpit).

My photo doesn’t do justice to how much Stephen Amell resembles a Jason Bourne-type action star.

Of course I didn’t see him dressed as the Green Arrow or any of the many fight sequences, but fight coordinator James Bamford kept tweeting about how ripped Amell is and how kickass the fight scenes were. And I’ve heard stories of people being shot through their eyeballs. We’re not in Smallville anymore.

Surprisingly for a Hunger Games-esque pilot, The Selection is not about kids fighting each other to the death. Aimee Teegarden (Friday Night Lights) stars as a poor girl chosen by lottery to enter a fierce competition to marry the prince  and become the next Queen of a war-torn nation far in the future. I didn’t see Amy Teegarden as America Singer, William Mosely as servant Aspen or Ethan Peck as Prince Maxim on set, but did visit all of their shooting locations.

On the first day of filming, The Selection set up a village market inside the Terminal City Ironworks complex in east Vancouver with Aimee Teegarden on set as young America. Scenes of America saying goodbye to her village were shot at the Britannia Heritage Shipyards in Steveston, captured beautifully by commerical photographer Clayton Perry in his The Selection photoset on Flickr.

To depict the war-torn country, The Selection went north on the Sea to Sky highway to the Squamish Municipal Airport for scenes of fighting with Royal forces on an airport runway. Scenes from the royal palace must have been filmed at Hycroft in Shaughnessy and at the Casa Mia mansion on SW Marine Drive in Vancouver. And of course, the selection itself took place inside the Orpheum Theatre, the one place I managed to photograph cast. That’s Peta Sergeant below. who plays the rebel leader. Hunger Games-mania could easily propel The Selection onto the CW schedule this fall.

Another pilot for The CW can only be described as meta. Matt Davis took time out of playing in-peril history teacher Alaric on The CW’s hit show The Vampire Diaries to be a blogger named Jeff investigating the rabid fans of horror TV show Cult, who have taken the series too literally. I found Davis on set in Victory Square on the first day of filming, looking too fine for a blogger, and on the last day of filming in Gastown’s The Alibi Room. Even if picked up, Cult will be a short, 13-episode series, leaving room for Davis to return to Vampire Diaries.

The CW medical drama pilot Emily Owens M.D. (formerly First Cut) has some buzz for its lead Mamie Gummer (Meryl Streep’s daughter), who stars as social nerd and new doctor Emily,who finds life at Denver Memorial Hospital a lot like high school, where the popular students are people like former model Justin Hartley (the Green Arrow on Smallville) as a surgical intern. Several Vancouver locations have doubled as Denver Memorial Hospital from Burnaby Central Secondary School to Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam to the main entrance of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre at the University of British Columbia below.

The fifth CW pilot to film here is based on an Israeli time-travel musical romance which ran for 200 half-hour episodes. Craig Horner (Legend of the Seeker) is the dead music icon Joey Dakota pictured in the prop memorial placed outside the iconic Marine Building downtown. A young filmmaker Maya, played by Amber Stevens (Greek), is making a documentary about his life and somehow travels back in time and falls in love with her subject, only to be thrown back to the present. She then struggles to find a way back to her love and prevent his death.