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Hunt for Holder on THE KILLING – Recap of Days 20 & 21

Poor Holder. He so wants to be good at something. Football. Breakdancing. Turns out he’s a good cop but there’s not much reward in that on The Killing.

Last week we discovered that the person shadowing our detective duo Linden & Holder is none other than Wapi Eagle Casino security chief Roberta Drays. A rattled Linden seeks refuge for her and her son Jack at Holder’s apartment, where he cooks them some breakfast burritos and Linden finds a lead that takes her to the Wapi Indian Reservation on Day 20 of the investigation. She tells Holder to check out the Wapi Eagle casino. Uh-oh. That spells trouble.

Linden has a run-in on the reservation, some of which was filmed on Tsleil Waututh Nation land in North Vancouver, with Wapi Casino Chief Nicole Jackson who tells her, “Anything can happen on this land, detective. You’ve been warned.” Jackson and her two thugs escort her off . Holder, meantime, is chatting up a blackjack dealer and female and male hookers in the casino and making himself all kinds of conspicuous trying to get access to the mysterious under-construction 10th floor. Tribal police greet him at the elevator and handcuff him even though he tells them he’s a cop. “Not here you ain’t,” one says. They take him to a remote spot in the woods where Jackson and Drays are waiting. Jackson then calls Linden on Holder’s phone and holds it up so she can hear the Wapi thugs kicking and beating her partner while he screams.

Last night’s episode opened with Linden desperate to find Holder. She requests a police search team but is told it has to go up the chain of command. She takes her son Jack back to Holder’s apartment where she gets a call saying Lt. Carlson nixed the search party. Linden leaves Jack and storms into Carlson’s office, shouting at him about how bad it will look when Internal Affairs find out he did nothing while a cop died “out in the field”.

Linden returns to the reservation, encountering a road block in the dark. “Seattle police don’t have jurisdiction here,” casino security chief Drays says. But Carlson has taken heed of Linden’s warning and shows up with a search team telling Linden they have until dawn.

Officers find Holder’s Pez dispenser near a dump, which they search in the daylight hours of Day 21 of the investigation. That fake dump was set up on a field in Tynehead Park in Surrey in late February. I watched Mireille Enos as Linden and the police extras turn over fake garbage with a Seattle fan who’d driven up that morning to see some Vancouver filming of her show.

A little girl points and Linden looks around up at the woods. The team runs up the hill in Tynehead Park to a bigger field where they’d filmed earlier in the day. There the search dogs find a bloodied and beaten Holder lying at the foot of a tree.

In hospital, a doctor tells Linden that Holder has broken ribs, contusions and is weak from exposure. Linden calls Jack to tell him Holder is OK and Jack jokes that he needs to update his music collection.

Linden goes to the police station only to find her stuff being packed. Carlson wants her badge and gun: “You disobeyed orders and as a result nearly got your partner killed.” She returns to Holder’s to find police searching it and no sign of Jack.

Where would he go? Regi’s? Linden drives to the marina where she finds Jack sitting on an empty dock feeding seagulls. I watched them film this scene at Quayside Marina in Yaletown in late February. Crew kept scattering crumbs to get the birds to flock for the scene and on screen you can see the towers of Yaletown and the Cambie Bridge in the background.

Between scenes, Mireille Enos and Liam James who plays Jack took a break from the cold in a local Starbuck’s.

At the hospital, Holder bonds with his nephew, promising in the future “I’m gonna be 24/7/365” for him.  He asks him to “show me some of those Bruce Lee moves I taught you” and the kid does in a pair of black shades. Charming and funny.

Linden takes Jack to airport to send him to stay with his father in Chicago, filmed at the Vancouver International Airport on the same day as the scenes at Quayside Marina. As she stands there alone at the window looking out onto the runways, Holder unexpectedly walks up behind her and pats her back, explaining “Hey Little Man called to say goodbye”.

Driving back into the city in her car, Linden tells Holder they need to get Rosie Larsen’s key to get them onto the 10th floor of the Wapi Eagle Casino. This scene of the car on a highway at night has a Seattle Space Needle in the skyline. CGIed or 2nd unit?


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