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LIQUIDATION SALE: Cute Clothes from THE SECRET CIRCLE Sale in North Shore Studios

Even when under threat from witch hunters or dark magic, The Secret Circle’s young female witches — played by Britt Robertson, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Hennig and Jessica Parker Kennedy — could be counted on to wear really cute clothes.

And those clothes proved to be the biggest draw at The Secret Circle film studio liquidation at North Shore Studios in North Vancouver earlier this week.

The CW cancelled this one-season series ahead of its New York upfront in mid-May to make way for five new drama series, three of which will be filmed in Vancouver.

Before learning his show had been cancelled, The Secret Circle showrunner Andrew Miller teased to Entertainment Weekly online where a second season would take the witches of Chance Harbour, Washington. Britt Robertson’s Cassie would have fallen into dark magic after killing her evil father in the season finale. Phoebe Tonkin’s Faye would relish and seek to expand her individual magic with the circle broken. Shelley Hennig’s Diana, who leaves town with Grant (Tim Phillipps in my photo above) in the finale, would fight the dark magic tormenting her half-sister Cassie. Jessica Parker Kennedy’s Melissa would hook up with her baddest boy yet —  Thomas Dekker’s former boy scout Adam on a very dark path. And Chris Zylka’s Jake would be done with being manipulated  by dark forces and fight to bring Cassie back to the light.

Six good reasons to Save the Circle, as the fan campaign to bring the show to MTV was known. Fans donated $7,500 to the Make-a-Wish Foundation in MTV’s name, with Andrew Miller giving the proceeds from the auction of a show poster signed by him and some cast. It shows what a loyal and generous young fan base The Secret Circle had.

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