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Baby’s Back for Supernatural Season 8 — Impala on Set for 8×03 — Updated with Spoiler

It’s not that much of a spoiler to see the Impala on set in season eight since it returned in the season seven finale. I spotted the Impala from a distance as I walked towards the shoot this afternoon for Ackles-directed episode three at an old brick West End apartment building in Vancouver. Normally I would have shared the location on #yvrshoots but Supernatural is going to great lengths this season not to be found, using signs from other productions or having SPN production people tweet they are in three different locations at once. Since the filming notice said it would be all interior dialogue scenes with only atmospheric smoke to see on Friday the 13th (what could possibly go wrong?), I didn’t plan to stick around and left before filming started.

[SPOILER UPDATE: via @Canadagraphs who tweeted both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki on set dressed in suits.]

3 thoughts on “Baby’s Back for Supernatural Season 8 — Impala on Set for 8×03 — Updated with Spoiler”

  1. Made me smile to see my favorite Chevy back on set. Gives me hope for this season, if they use Misha a lot also. 😉

  2. Yeeessss!!!! Our Fav Impala is back !!!At last!!!How I missed U Baby just like Dean…I am so ever happy to see Baby/ Impala back in Season 8..!!!

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