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SHOOT: From Utopian to Dystopian. FRINGE Family Fights the Future for S5 Premiere – Updated

On the same day that Fringe filmed that utopian Fringe family picnic in 2015 with Peter, Olivia and young Etta (Henrietta) for the season five premiere, they filmed a dystopian scene of the Fringe family as members of the resistance fighting the Observer overlords in 2036 with Walter, Peter and grownup Etta but no Olivia.

The big family reunion in 2036 apparently happens early in the season premiere, according to Fringe showrunner Joel Wyman, but Olivia’s meetup with her grownup daughter won’t be quite what we expect. Meantime, here are three of the four members of the family destined to fight the future: John Noble’s Walter Bishop, Joshua Jackson’s Peter Bishop, and Georgina Haig’s Etta Bishop.

It’s Fringe Division’s final stand. This now insurgent group, which includes Jasika Nicole’s Astrid, filmed take after take of them exiting a dirty old van and then collectively gazing up in the direction of huge green screens on an empty lot next to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Village. (The grey-haired fellow is a background performer not the real thing,)

Here’s Grandpa Bishop and Granddaughter Etta.

From the van, they walk over to the steel fence with graffiti-defaced Observers. Peter and Astrid climb up on derelict car to see over  the wall.

Are there peacoats in 2036?, asked Joshua Jackson on news of the fifth season renewal. Not yet it seems but I like the cut and style of his new navy coat. I don’t know what’s going on in the photo below, but the camera for this scene is on the other side of the fence at eye level for closeups of their heads above the fence.

Georgina Haig’s Etta bears a striking resemblance to Anna Torv’s Olivia, her TV mother.

Update: Someone pointed out to me that half the main cast is Australian now — Anna Torv, John Noble and Georgina Haig.