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SET: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Island Haven in Present-Day Fairytale Land Destroyed in 2×05 – Updated

A donkey interrupted a Once Upon a Time take at this village set below located on the shore of Deer Lake in Burnaby. It’s meant to be the Island haven in present-day Fairytale Land/the Enchanted Forest. This is where Emma and Snow/Mary Margaret are taken by Mulan and Aurora. And where knight Lancelot, (or at least we think it’s Lancelot until Cora’s shapeshifting magic is revealed) reunites with Snow/Mary Margaret. By the time I photographed it though, the village set had been damaged. I blame Ogres. [Update: It turns out it wasn’t the Ogres but Cora who destroyed this village and ripped out the hearts of its inhabitants, as we discover in episode 2×05 The Doctor. All died except Captain Hook , whom Emma tied to a tree.]

Once Upon a Time’s second season airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC in the U.S. and 7 p.m. on CTV in Canada.

8 thoughts on “SET: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Island Haven in Present-Day Fairytale Land Destroyed in 2×05 – Updated”

  1. Well you don’t agree or else you would stop harassing her about it. Its her blog and she’s decides to delete any comment she sees fit regardless of its importance. I would personally have left them but that’s her judgement call not ours.

  2. I agree that someone can delete comments as they see fit on their own blog, especially if they are downright offensive, but yeah, Gareth’s didn’t seem to qualify. But in other news, I love the set that’s featured and I wish I was there right now! That would be the ultimate playground for Once fans – that and Steveston!

    1. I deleted the commentator not the comment (which was fine and accurate — the set was torn down unfortunately). But Gareth Jones/VanCityFilming has instigated so many flame wars against me on Twitter in the past two-and-a-half months that he is not welcome on this website.

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