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Sam & Dean & Cas? Supernatural’s New Demon-Hunting Trio in Downtown Vancouver for Ep. 8×08

Whatever happened to Castiel in Purgatory, he didn’t look so cuckoo-bananas last night in downtown Vancouver filming a scene for episode eight of the eighth season with his BFFs Sam & Dean. The scene itself was pretty simple: the trio get out of the Impala and walk over to a crime scene at the Lumbermens Building on Richards Street turned Oklahoma Bank of Commerce. Simple and quick. But in between takes, we witnessed all kinds of hijinks.

Jared Padalecki (Sam) and Jensen Ackles (Dean) kept howling with laughter in the Impala. I blame Misha Collins (Castiel), the shadowy figure in the back seat. All three have a comedic gift, but Collins is the true comic. I will miss his cuckoo-bananas Cas if he’s recovered his sanity in season eight.

On the way back to the Impala, Misha Collins (Castiel) kept staring up at something in the building opposite. He even pointed at it, bringing Jared Padalecki (Sam) into it. [UPDATE: That’s the prop cartoon black hole in the wall that Dean puts his hand through.]

Of course with all their antics, the only decent photo I got of Jensen Ackles was in serious mode, even though he seened just as loose as the other two, especially when he chased a passing bus up the street to entertain them.

After the scene wrapped, Misha Collins (Castiel) surprised us by walking up to the fan section on the sidewalk to meet us  One overjoyed fan told him she’d named her cat “Catsiel” in his honour. His visit took us all by surprise and we were a bit tongue-tied because Supernatural stars are usually whisked away the minute there’s a break in filming by Jared and Jensen’s bodyguard Clif.

Here’s a photo of the Oklahoma Bank of Commerce in the daytime.

Supernatural airs Wednesday nights now at  9 p.m. on The CW in the U.S. and CTVtwo in Canada.

26 thoughts on “Sam & Dean & Cas? Supernatural’s New Demon-Hunting Trio in Downtown Vancouver for Ep. 8×08”

  1. Much prefer a demon hunting DUO. So not interested in having Castiel forced into the Sam and Dean dynamic–I was hoping he was gone but I guess we’re just not that lucky.

  2. I don’t care if Cas is there. It’s nothing against Misha, it’s just I think Cas has been OVERUSED! As well as all the angels they should have left after season 5. Of course I’m going to watch b/c I love Jared so much and I love the Winchesters so I’m there.

    1. For me, he is not overused but more not used properly or misused. Although it is funny to experience in his comedic moments & roll-your-eyes one liner but I kinda missed the S4 Cas, who arrived under blown up light bulb and shaking roof. He was a badass. Remember how he told Dean ‘I pull you out from hell and I can throw you back in.’ & how he defy the prophecy. S4 was to me, one of SPN best seasons & tho I love S&D angsty drama during that times, I also love the fact that there is an angel on the Winchesters shoulder. I love Cas to pieces but I really want the badass angel back.

  3. I love the three actually I wanted a Quartet (Bobby) as you can’t have everything you want … …. I am more than satisfied with all three together. Carver I love you!! 😉

    1. The premiere was awesome! I’m so glad Carver is running the show \o/
      Bobby :’-)
      Castiel is an excellent addition to the show; the creative team has made a wise decision to keep him 🙂

  4. So glad to see that Castiel is out of purgatory and back with the brothers. Team free will is reunited!
    Jensen, Jared and Misha are clearly happy to work together. Good for them, good for us! 🙂

  5. I love Team Free Will!! Great to see Cas with Sam and Dean again. I would love it if they could bring Bobby back too!! I miss him!! I hope this means Castiel is out of Purgatory and not just a memory. Im so glad Misha is back because I think he is a huge asset to the show. I’m also really liking Kevin. I thought he was amazing as a self made hunter in the premiere. Looking forward to this season!

    1. I totally agree! All is right in my world now that Team Free Will is back together! Misha’s Cas is a wonderful character, and it always feels like something’s missing when he’s not there! And for the Cas-haters out there, apparently you didn’t read about how Jared looks forward to some restful time off to be with Thomas, which he doesn’t get as much of when episodes call for Sam & Dean to be together. Cut Cas some slack, will ya?! Remember, Jared is a father now!

  6. I love Jeremy Carver and Ben Edlund

    I think it’s wonderful to have two writers that recognize how much Castiel means to the fans! I’m so excited for this season – we’re calling it ‘Season Gr8’ in Narnia. THANK YOU CARVER AND EDLUND! AND GOD BLESS MISHA COLLINS!

  7. Perfect! :’D This is everything I want, the three of them together, out hunting. This season is shaping up to be SO GOOD! Jensen sounds like such a hoot (running after a bus, I mean, seriously) and Misha is so sweet to fans. I wish I could stumble into a Supernatural set! It’d be so cool to watch the process. 🙂

  8. Love it. I have been waiting forever for Team Free Will to fly again and I’m so thrilled with all these lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing them. Love the pics of the J’s laughing with Misha. The boys all seem so happy to be together again.

  9. Love Misha but I hope Cas isn’t used like he has been for the past 3 seasons. The writers never know what to do with him and it throws everything off. Make him human or something so he would be a more natural fit.

  10. So excited to see Misha filming with Jensen and Jared! I really really hope this means Cas is back and together again with Dean and Sam, and not some cruel trickery. All the guys look so happy and having fun! I think season eight is going to be great.

    1. You’re right. I’m afraid this might be just a flashback as it would be quite early in the season for Cas to be back from Purgatory. Take note that he was wearing his ‘original uniform’ & not his ‘hospital suit’. Yeah, he might have change that but I don’t think it would be as simple as it seems. Something happen in Purgatory that made Dean commented the way he did in ep 1. Something had happen to Cas that would’ve caused Dean to accept Benny more into his circle of friend.

      1. Oh, thank you for taking almost all my joy away lol
        This is the season of flashbacks. But I’ll take it, because oh my gosh YAY CASTIEL! And Sam and Dean! \o/

        Fabulous pictures and recount, thank you. 😀

  11. Thank you SO MUCH for taking these pictures. Castiel is my favorite character and I sorely missed the wonderful TFW with Sam and Dean last year. In fact season 7 almost made me lose my love for this show altogether; I missed Castiel with Sam and Dean so much. I am now even more excited than ever for season 8, and I hope we get more TFW episodes later on in the season.

  12. So glad to see Team Free Will working together! Love all three of them so so much! Can’t wait to see this episode. I hope they treat Castiel with more respect this season. 🙂

  13. I’m personally super happy that Team Free Will is back together!!! Season 5 was always my favorite because we had Sam, Dean, Cas, and Bobby together kicking ass. While I love the angst I’m a big sucker for their bromantic moments and prefer when all of them are actually getting along haha Super sad that Bobby’s gone for good now though ): but at least Cas is back! 😀

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