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SHOOT: SUPERNATURAL’s Dean, His Purgatory Pal & the Impala Film at Steveston’s Britannia Shipyards for 8×09

After filming some interior scenes at the Britannia Heritage Shipyards Building in Steveston south of Vancouver yesterday, Supernatural crew set up for the night shoot: a big exterior scene of Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) driving the Impala to this building now re-named the Lefevre Shipyard where he meets up with his Purgatory pal (Ty Olsson) carrying a big knife and the pair go inside the building. Not that complicated a scene, but lighting it and the area took a long time and provided a lot of stop-and-stare beauty for locals walking their dogs.

Supernatural crew lights up the area.
Supernatural airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on The CW.

4 thoughts on “SHOOT: SUPERNATURAL’s Dean, His Purgatory Pal & the Impala Film at Steveston’s Britannia Shipyards for 8×09”

  1. Very interesting shots! Usually these outdoor location shots don’t reveal much of the story, but these are meaty to speculate about. And they have Jensen! Always a win.

  2. Thanks so much for posting these stunning location shots at the Britannia Shipyards…Dean driving his beloved Impala..It’s always nice to see the Impala back..Missed it so badly in season 7.!!Beautiful Night ships view..I guess these pics of Dean and his Purgatory buddy are from ep5 ‘Blood Brothers’ as it was mentioned that this particular episode is about ‘Vampires’ on ships..’Vampirates’!!!Can’t wait to see this exciting episode …

    1. Susan Gittins - YVR Shoots

      Vampirates? What a great story idea. Britannia Shipyards is the same place that Once Upon a Time’s Captain Hook pirate ship (the tall ship Lady Washington)docked the week before. Would be great if SPN’s Vampirates used the same ship but it sounds like they’re modern pirates.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks this season is turning into Vampire Central?! Perhaps some vamp lovers are happy, but I for one don’t want SPN morphing into a run of the mill vampire show. Enough with the vampire stuff. If I want a vampire show, I’ll watch “Vampire Diaries” or “True Blood.” Also, enough with Benny. Some fans may like Dean’s new ‘pal,’ but I for one want the angel back!

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