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SHOOT: “Picasso Drawing” Artist Rowan Longworth Films THE KILLING – Updated

Fresh off its season three premiere last Sunday, The Killing filmed scenes of Adrian ( Rowan Longworth) with a soccer ball, leaving the school grounds at Kerrisdale Elementary in Vancouver. It took a while to clue in that this boy with hair was Fringe’s Anomaly XB-6783746. When I complimented him on his bald Fringe performance, he took it in stride as any child Observer would.

Update: But who is Rowan Longworth on The Killing? Adrian is death row convict Ray Seward (Peter Sarsgaard)’s son, the one who stayed with his mother’s corpse for six days and drew the “Picasso drawing” of a grove of trees which haunts Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos). When Linden visits him at his foster home, she spies a new sketch on his wall of the trees but with buildings added. One of those buildings is Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman)’s opening crime scene at the abandoned factory. When Linden takes Adrian’s new drawing to the factory and walks to the grove of trees she finds a pond of rotting corpses in biohazard bags. 17 and counting. How does Adrian know of this killing place?

The Killing airs Sundays on AMC.


2 thoughts on “SHOOT: “Picasso Drawing” Artist Rowan Longworth Films THE KILLING – Updated”

    1. Of course. Adrian Seward of the “Picasso drawing”. I should have recognized his character from the soccer ball.

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