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SHOOT: GODZILLA’s Destroyed Building, U.S. Aircraft Carrier & Navy Ship Sets at Kent Hangar Field

Update: Godzilla is prepping a real aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan, for filming at Coronada, California naval base as these sets are torn down.

Godzilla crew constructed several sets for greenscreen filming on the vast Kent Hanger gravel field next to the Fraser River Path on the Vancouver/Burnaby border.

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After shooting on its Golden Gate Bridge set, crew moved it back to make way for new destroyed building and U.S. aircraft carrier sets.

Beware of Jet Blast, Propellers and Rotors.

I was too late to see filming on these sets, getting there just in time to see crew deflating the giant inflatable green screens.  But I did catch Godzila’s 2nd unit drenching men on either side of a gun turret and on the pilot house bridge of its smaller  navy ship set last Wednesday. It seems as if almost all cast and backgrounders have been doused with water or nearly asphyxiated with smoke at some point during this big-budget 3D film’s three-month-plus shoot in the Vancouver area.

Construction of what looks like the bow of a U.S. navy destroyer or frigate.

Add rain tower and greenscreens.

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