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SHOOT: Hugh Laurie Films in TOMORROWLAND’s Hall of Invention at H.R. MacMillan Space Centre – Updated

Disney’s Tomorrowland is filming behind blue screens today at its Hall of Invention set at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre/Museum of Vancouver. This is where boy-genius inventor Frank Walker (Thomas Robinson) first sees and meets successful inventor and Tomorrowland Mayor David Nix (Hugh Laurie). Nix tells the youngster (Robinson) to come back when he is older and his inventions work. Years later the jaded and disillusioned former boy-genius (George Clooney) teams up with teenage science prodigy (Britt Robertson) on a mission to find Tomorrowland again.

[Update: Last night Hugh Laurie played piano for some thrilled patrons of The Cellar Jazz Club on Broadway (@cellarjazz) and today he filmed interior Hall of Invention scenes of the David Nix meetup with the boy inventor. The Vancouver Sun’s Arlen Redekop photographed Laurie in costume as Nix getting picked up by his driver on set.]


Tomorrowland symbol on Hall of Invention doors.


Interior set for Hall of Invention/Tomorrowland.


Boy inventor Frank Walker finds Tomorrowland at the 1964 New York World’s Fair.


1964 New York World’s Fair entrance set in the parking lot.


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The 1964 New York World’s Fair entrance.Tl hr tweet

Update: Removed a fuzzy photo of background performers so that there are no photos in this post taken after Tomorrowland put up its “No Unauthorized Photos Allowed” signs around the H.R. MacMilland Space Centre/Museum of Vancouver and parking lot. Not  that it’s enforcable but one fuzzy photo of filming is not worth it.

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