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SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME Films Jennifer Morrison & Christopher Gorham in Yaletown as New York City – Updated

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If you don’t want to be spoiled for Once Upon a Time’s spring premiere New York City Serenade, please stop reading now. When I saw Christopher Gorham hug Jennifer Morrison on the Yaletown set outside Brix restaurant last Thursday night (November 21st), it tempted me to tweet a new shipper name like #Swangie or #AugSwan in honour of Morrison’s Emma Swan character embracing Gorham’s Auggie character from Covert Affairs. [Update: Christopher Gorham is cast as Walsh, an “important character in the life of Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison).”] Once Upon a Time crew let me watch and take a few unobstructed photos on the understanding I wouldn’t spoil the scene. This is another Manhattan moment that won’t air until March next year, so  pretty much everything was a spoiler until the casting news went official last Friday — months in advance.]

OUAt ny4

So here are Emma and an important character in her life talking outside Ostria restaurant.

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out ny1.24_marked

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Christopher Gorham discusses the scene.

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Once Upon a Time telegraphed its Yaletown shoot in the morning by parking a row of prop yellow NYC cabs on Davie Street, ahead of the exterior night shoot. Instagram link.

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In preparation for the night shoot, crew moved the cabs into position on the 1100 block Homer Street.

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The A camera crew crossed the street for a tracking shot of Emma (or JMo as they call her) and Christopher Gorham’s characters emerging from the restaurant dressed as Ostria for the show.

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