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SETS: GRACEPOINT Police Station in Sidney & GRACEPOINT Journal in Oak Bay, Victoria


Welcome to Gracepoint, America’s Last Hometown. Main Street Since 1856.

Broadchurch-inspired series Gracepoint stars David Tennant of timey-wimey Doctor Who fame, reprising his role as the lead detective investigating a boy’s murder in a small seaside town, a murder that becomes a national media feeding frenzy. This time the murder happens in the northern California coastal town of Gracepoint to be played by four hubs in the greater Victoria area: Sidney, home to the police station and morgue; Island View Beach for the crime scene; Brentwood Bay with its harbour; and Oak Bay Village, home to the Gracepoint Journal and most of Gracepoint’s pubs, restaurants and residences.

Gracepoint Police station and morgue in Sidney are still under construction so there won’t be any sightings of  the lead detective Emmett Carver (David Tennant) or his deputy (Anna Gunn of Breaking Bad) there for a while. But crew said Monday that it won’t take long to complete the set now that they’ve started. [UPDATE: And it didn’t. Gracepoint shot police station scenes with detective Carver (Tennant) two weeks later on Tuesday, February 18th.]

Gracepoint Police Station

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View from the police station windows.

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Filming of the 10-episode FOX series kicked off a week ago Tuesday (January 28th) at the Gracepoint Journal set at Foul Bay Road and Oak Bay Avenue in Oak Bay with the young newspaper reporter (Kevin Segers) and his editor on set. And continued there on Wednesday because of “foul” weather.

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gp ob6_marked

Is the motto below part of Gracepoint Productions or someone else’s handiwork? It does fit with a fictional paper that’s been around since the 1800s.

gp ob1_marked

Real intersection signs next to Gracepoint Journal set.

gp ob9_marked

First sightings of David Tennant and Anna Gunn happened in Oak Bay last Friday at the “Crestview Rooms & Pub” and were tweeted and retweeted around the world in minutes.

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