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SHOOT: ABC Pilot SEA OF FIRE Films Fireworks Scenes in North Vancouver’s Deep Cove

deep cove lit up

ABC pilot Sea of Fire lit up North Vancouver’s Deep Cove on Friday night for scenes of a Serenity Falls crowd watching fireworks. Although the crew set off a short test burst around 8 p.m. it took hours and hours before the background was lit to production’s satisfaction, too late for the locals and me to stick around.

A test firework.

SOF Fireworks this one_marked

Fireworks barge in the cove.

sof fireworks15_marked

Flashing coloured lights simulate fireworks.

sof fireworks90_marked

fos fireworks33_marked

Tweet from The Raven Pub in Deep Cove.

sof dc night

Fake roses in the bushes for the Serenity Falls Rose Festival.

sof fireworks12_marked

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