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SHOOT: CW Pilot THE FLASH’s Grant Gustin in Simulated Car Wreck & SPFX Explosion Near Dunsmuir Viaduct

flash 4

Barry Allen (Gleek charming Grant Gustin) was such a smash hit on his two-episode arc on Arrow that The CW scrapped plans to film a back-door third-episode pilot on Arrow in favour of a full-sized stand-alone The Flash pilot directed by David Nutter. How full-sized? Huge. Here is Central City assistant police forensics investigator Allen ( Gustin) crawling out of an overturned burntout car this morning to confront someone. Allen becomes super fast, aka the Flash, after a freak explosion at STAR labs. The CW said it wants to start The Flash “with a bang” like Arrow did and so it did with a gigantic two-car SPFX explosion this afternoon. Or as one spectator put it, “Kaboom”.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is flash-Barry-car-crash-premiere-1024x714.png






Looking back at the other car exploding.


Stumbling and recovering on one take.


And here’s Chris Bouquet’s video of the SPFX explosion after another car collides with Barry Allen’s car.

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Follow Chris on Twitter: @Biskit_VAN. And on youtube: Chris Bouquet.

CW pilot Flash is expected to film in Vancouver from March 2nd to 25th.

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