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SHOOT: THE KILLING S4’s Joan Allen Inspects Military Cadets at UBC’s CHEM Building

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The Killing’s final season murder-mystery takes place in St. George’s boys military academy on the outskirts of Seattle, played today by the CHEM building at the University of British Columbia.  Margaret O’Neal (Joan Allen) heads up the school and is expected to impede Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman)’s investigation into the killing (s) there. A worthy adversary? Of course. Today’s scene: Margaret O’Neal (Joan Allen) inspects the marching cadets.

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AJ Fielding (Levi Meaden), a charismatic over-achiever, is the one shouting.

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Crew drilled these background performers like real cadets, yelling “Hands out of pockets”, before a rehearsal.

It will take a bit of time for me to go through the photos and see whether the other regular cadet characters Cameron Stanton (Tyler Ross), the black sheep of a wealthy family, and Lincoln Knopf (Sterling Beamon), an unstable and troubled boy, were on set.

1 thought on “SHOOT: THE KILLING S4’s Joan Allen Inspects Military Cadets at UBC’s CHEM Building”

  1. I can’t understand why the series The Killing was canceled and the two main characters were killed . This is a great drama it’s story line is basically like SUV and its been on for years. The Killing is a much better series and leaves you guessing want is happening next. I do hate that y’all killed off the main characters and that you made Skinner out to be the terrible man who killed all those girls. Sara had finally found happiness and love. Y’all took that away from her. All I want to know is why? Holden has lost all his spirit and is going to have family something I thing he as searched for all his live and know y’all have taken that. If you do decide to make a season 5 I will not watch it with out Sara and Holden and Skinner.

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