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SHOOT: TNT Pilot PROOF With Jennifer Beals Films on Vancouver Public Library Curtain Wall

Proof VPL0

TNT pilot Proof has turned the Level Five walkway of the Vancouver Public Library curtain wall into a hospital corridor at fictional Bay Vista Medical Center today. The scene: Surgeon Dr. Carolyn Tyler (Jennifer Beals) encounters a wheelchair-bound young patient in the corridor and walks back with her. Produced by Kyra Sedgewick, Proof is a supernatural medical drama about a doctor who’s asked to investigate cases of reincarnation and hauntings for proof. Despite her own recent bereavement she remains Scully-skeptical and reliant on hard science when it comes to answering the question — is there something beyond death?


proof-vpl1_marked (2)

proof vpl33_marked

proof vpl 10_marked

Jennifer Beals and young guest star check their phones between camera setups.


View of Bay Vista Medical Center on the curtain wall from inside the Vancouver Public Library atrium.

proof vpl_marked

And the curtain wall from outside.

proof vpl17_marked

Clever Proof set chair.

IMG_6354 (2)_marked

Other cast includes: Joe Morton (Scandal/Eureka) as Dr. Charles Russell, head of the hospital; Callum Blue as a best-selling author who claims to be a psychic; Edi Gathegi as a Sudanese hospital intern; Matthew Modine as cancer-stricken tech millionair Ivan Turing who funds the life-after-death research and Caroline Rose Kaplan as his assistant.  Proof began filming on March 14th at UBC’s Life Sciences Centre, which is often used as a hospital set unlike the Vancouver Public Libary. and is expected to wrap this coming week.

2 thoughts on “SHOOT: TNT Pilot PROOF With Jennifer Beals Films on Vancouver Public Library Curtain Wall”

  1. I have been in 4 or 5 different hospitals so far, but nothing as beautiful as Bay Vista, I keep saying, “thats the next hosp. I want to stay in” its so awesome with the light blue with white trim yet its not real,so well done, and it’s great to see Jennifer Beals in a new show, she makes a great doctor, she still is beautiful.

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