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SHOOT: CW Pilot iZOMBIE’s Rose McIver Films Downtown on Beatty Street

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iZombie’s medical-student-turned-zombie Olivia (Rose McIver with white hair and skin) showed up at a Seattle crime scene (Beatty Street) at suppertime yesterday in the rain (real torrential rain). Olivia works in a Seattle Coroner’s Office where she eats the brains of corpses as a way to survive without killing anyone. But after eating the brain of a woman pushed from a balcony, filmed on Tuesday night, Olivia gains access to her memories and decides to help find her killer, passing off her abilities as psychic. The scene: Seattle homicide detective Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) and Olivia (McIver) get out of his unmarked grey squad car and cross the street to the building where the woman died.

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Rose McIvor smiling and shielded from the rain temporarily.

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iZombie is a CW pilot from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas (below) and Diane Ruggiero. Thomas later came into a café opposite the Vancouver Film School where I’d sheltered from the rain, and sat a table near me with two of his iZombie crew.

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After Beatty Street, crew rolled their equipment across Pender Street to set up their night shoot on the east edge of Victory Square. The Vancouver Film School had become the Seattle Police Department for a high-speed chase with prop Seattle police cars into Arch Alley.

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