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SHOOT: THE AGE OF ADALINE With Adaline’s Husband (Peter J. Gray) on Burnaby’s Barnet Beach

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Who is Adaline (Blake Lively)’s first husband (Peter J. Gray) in The Age of Adaline? They will marry at a wedding filmed at the St. Andrew-Wesley Church in downtown Vancouver but they could have met at this shoot yesterday on Burnaby’s Barnet Beach.

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Born in the early 1900s, Adaline is blessed with eternal youth after a near-fatal accident. Our heroine embarks on a solitary, world journey through the 20th century never aging beyond twenty-nine years. Everyone she loves ages and dies — including this man –while she remains the same.

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Smoking looks out of place now but this is a period film with backgrounders dressed in period garb with period habits.

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Technocrane on the beach.

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The Age of Adaline set chairs.

Age of Adaline

Barnet Marine Park.

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