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SHOOT: THE FLASH at Vancouver City Hall as Central City Police

The Flash (Grant Gustin) can be anywhere at anytime except Vancouver for the past few days. As thousands of fans attempt to get into Hall H (whose line has its own Twitter account @HallHLine) at San Diego International Comic-Con for a Saturday Super Hero night hosted by Arrow star Stephen Amell, the show’s crew has kept things going here. On Friday night, crew filmed scenes on the north side of Vancouver City Hall as Central City Police headquarters.

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flash city hall

Central City squad cars parked in gravel lot at Cambie and West 12th opposite City Hall.


Saturday is a day of rest for crew but not for the showrunners and cast of such DC comic series as Gotham,The Flash, Arrow and Constantine at the big event in Hall H tonight.

The Flash:

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is a Central City Police forensic investigator who was taken in as a child by Detective West (Jesse L. Martin) and raised in his home along with West’s smart daughter Iris (Candace Patton). Emotionally damaged by the murder of his mother and the unjust imprisonment of his father for the crime, Allen becomes super fast after an accident with the S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator. Super fast, as in the fastest man alive. And determined to do good with his gift.

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