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SHOOT: Deepa Mehta’s BEEBA BOYS With Randeep Hooda as Vancouver Gangster Inspired By Bindy Johal


“I’m still around.” — Bindy Johal.

Updated with name changes.

Toronto director Deepa Mehta’s upcoming film Beeba Boys (working title Inland) is inspired by the story of B.C.’s notorious Indo-gangster “Bindy” Singh Johal and his Punjabi Mafia gang known as the Beeba Boys. Gunned down in a nightclub in 1998, Johal was a hero to many Indo-Canadians and a sociopath to others. Beeba Boys began filming in Toronto with Randeep Hooda as fictionalized gangster Jeet Johar in mid-July and has an eclectic Indian, Canadian and American cast. Toronto actress Sarah Allen (Remedy) plays the female lead in this male-centric story.

Late last month, Beeba Boys moved production to the scene of the Beeba Boys’ crimes and spent a week filming all over Vancouver. Last Thursday, it shot scenes of the Beeba Boys near the former Vancouver Police Department building on Main Street, with real VPD officers and backgrounder VPD officers on set.





Mercedes drives forward.


Production then moved to a set near the Vancouver Art Gallery with what looked like a hundred backgrounders.

inland vag_marked

inland vag1_marked 

And continued Friday on a rooftop in Chinatown.

inland tweet

And a camera drone on Saturday.

inland tweet2



6 thoughts on “SHOOT: Deepa Mehta’s BEEBA BOYS With Randeep Hooda as Vancouver Gangster Inspired By Bindy Johal”

  1. Seriously? Bindy Johal story? There are only a few people left who know about him and his doings. None of them have been contacted to get the truth about him and what he did or was like. And I hope this film doesn’t glorify him. We don’t need anymore south Asian kids trying to be Bindy johals. I hope Deepa will show how his life was a waste and misdirected in teying to be the #1 feared gangster. Ask his dad Joe how his lack of fathering skill and and misdirection made bindy seek attention to be feared.

    1. totally agree with you, glorifying common thugs and criminals misleads troubled teens and youth. bindy was just a peice of trash who couldn;t figure out how to make a living legit, and finds an easy way out for a short time. then dies in only a few years.

  2. These dumb asses don’t know what the fuck they are doing. If this movie is a hit there is just going to me more people dead and more gang wars. I personally live in Surrey and there are 20 shootings a day. If only they would make a movie that would inspire young minds to do something good.

  3. A Bindy Johal movie….its about time.The real gangster of Van who started this shit. Live fast n die with a bullet so fk everything else.

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