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SHOOT: ARROW’s Night Shoot at West Vancouver’s Whytecliff Park


arrow wp

After shooting a series of flashback scenes in downtown Vancouver on Monday, Arrow spent today and tonight filming at West Vancouver’s Whytecliff Park — the go-to location for its craggy Island coastline scenes. Can you spot Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell)? [It looks like I did without realizing it.  Arrow was filming the scene of Oliver on the beach when I took these photographs from the ferry. Oliver and Thea go to the remote Chinese Penal colony to prepare for their fight with Ra’s al Ghul.]

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1 thought on “SHOOT: ARROW’s Night Shoot at West Vancouver’s Whytecliff Park”

  1. I am 70 and i am picked on alot for my age to be so in love with the series. Growing up it was westerns and imagination, then as a young adult soap operas and drama’s when i wasn’t working and raising 5 children. After a second marriage and 3 step children added to my love (1 i helped raise the other were older). I managed to watch superman,batman and loved the drama in those. But now with my life at a standstill i accidentally flipped channels one day being board of what was on to find ARROW. I started in mid stream of season one and have been hooked ever since. Their choice of Stephen Amell was the best and the rest of the cast members are great. To watch the show mature and the writers, producers, directors and lets not forget the stunts people and coriographers…WOW. Why Stephen hasn’t been chosen as the Peoples Choice Award I have no clue. (too new i guess)He adds a little of comedy,alot of drama and action. He looks so good in a suit or his WORK suit and not to mention shirtless. GREAT JOB to all.

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