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SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME Turns Vancouver Business District into New York City for Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) & Family

ouat dt marked 1

It’s a good thing that Once Upon a Time fakes New York City in downtown Vancouver and Gastown because the real Chelsea is at the epicentre today of one of the worst snow storms ever to hit the Atlantic seaboard. Crew used dozens of yellow NYC cabs. A white horse-drawn carriage. A New York bus. Chelsea Gallery Walk banners. Market stalls. And lots of backgrounders to set the stage for rehearsal of the scene: Robin Hood (Sean Maguire), wife Marian (Christie Laing) and son Roland (Raphael Alejandro) stroll through Chelsea like tourists with a big map when suddenly Roland points at something and his father runs towards it.  Whatever’s going on it’s nice to know Robin Hood’s family were not reduced to homelessness after leaving Storybrooke in season 4a.

ouat dt marked2  OUAT dt marked4

Robin Hood runs towards whatever Roland is pointing at.

ouat dt marked3

Roland (Raphael Alejandro)

ouat nyc marked

Ouat downtown marked

Once Upon a Time confused locals by changing the street signage at Thurlow and West Hastings Street to 9 Av and W 23 St of New York City.

ouat dt73

And covered up a Vancouver information map with one of Chelsea.

ouat dt 44

ouat dt71


Portal Place Park as Chelsea.

ouat nyc9

ouat nyc4

ouat nyc2  ouat nyc6





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