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VEGAS CON: The Winchester Family (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Samantha Smith, Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki) Reunite at SUPERNATURAL Fan Convention

Supernatural’s Papa Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Mama Winchester (Samantha Smith) and son Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) reunited on stage for karaoke at the Las Vegas Convention’s Saturday Night Special. And blew up Twitter with “Jensen” and #vegascon trending.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan entered Sunday’s session to a standing ovation. “What took me so long to do this?” He told fans “the boys” (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) used to be HIS boys. Now they’re OUR boys. He feels their bonding in the first season — falling in loving with each other and becoming best friends — was important to the show. Later he refers to J2 (fan shorthand for Jared and Jensen) as “these kids” and then catches himself. He’s proud of the men they’ve grown up to be. JDM (fan shorthand for Jeffrey Dean Morgan) confirms he wasn’t happy with how John Winchester was written in later seasons of the show, but he would love to come back in an episode directed by Jensen Ackles.

And then his boys and Mama Winchester crashed the panel.

The Winchester Family reunites.

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