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FAN EXPO VANCOUVER: Celebrity Q&A with ARROW’s Stephen Amell

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Arrow’s Stephen Amell brought his wife Cassandra, daughter Mavi and Mom to his celebrity Q&A at Fan Expo Vancouver today, so no peeks at his famous abs or chat about Oliver Queen’s romances. Amell seemed unaware of the recent CW promo revealing all sorts of end-of-season spoilers such as an Oliver Queen-Felicity Smoak hookup and a Team Flarrow fight against Reverse Flash, so he bristled a little at first when fans asked him about Olicity or whether he could beat Reverse Flash.

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It was only towards the end of the celebrity Q&A that Amell realized these are now network-sanctioned spoilers. Then he opened up about how great it was “to work with my cousin Robbie [Amell. Firestorm on the right]. Have never done that before.”

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Asked whether he could beat Ra’s al Ghul?

Ra’s al Ghul’more seasoned in psychological warfare than Oliver is…every time he’s gone up against Ra’s…defeated…swiftly.. really no world where that doesn’t happen.

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Last episode. Roy doing what he did?

Pales in comparison to how they end [next epiosde]….someone crashes through table…hardest hit I’ve ever seen a stunt person take…don’t know how she feels. 

Is there going to be a death in season finale?

Almost always a death in a season finale…but don’t know if it’ll be an “Oh No” death….you’ll have to tune in.

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Will we ever get back to original Team Arrow?

Team Arrow is in state of flux. [Black Canary]’s ascension. [Malcolm Merlyn]’s involvement. Thea being involved on periphery….her skill in martial arts…heightened state of flux for rest of season…came so close to spoiling something.

More flashbacks? Oliver needs to learn Mandarin, Russian, more martial arts?

Flashbacks gonna get worse before they get better…get pretty dark in last episodes.

Advice for Oliver Queen?

Lighten up. …[only] 30 to 35 minutes in season premiere…got to smile…then Thea killed Sara….things have been bad since then…[season finale will] fundamentally alter the way we do show….hope that Oliver in season 4 cracks a smile.

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Best John Barrowman story?

Very very wet. Very cold….filming episode…little bit of crude story…I was very focused…Emily [Bett Rickards], John [Barrowman], David [Ramsey], Willa [Holland]…everyone joking around…conversation [turned to] flatulence….John claimed his farts don’t smell….[Stephen Amell scoffed] Fart in my mouth and prove it….start off season with super high professionalism….then….

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Question about spinoff?

There’s going to be Arrow….There’s going to be The Flash…Going to be new spinoff show ..I will be appearing on all three shows. One character who originated on Arrow…will hover between all 3 shows.

Play Rock, Paper, Scissors?

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Would you like to be The Flash?

Huge fan of Grant Gustin..know how hard first seasons are…gonna leave Barry Allen to him…[but] like person Oliver gets to be in Central City…lighter.

Barry Allen changed past. Does that affect Arrow?

[Spoiler alert]  Time travel does affect Arrow universe.

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Wrap filming of Arrow on April 17th.


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