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CINECOUP: $1 Million Big Deal Pitch Event at Banff World Media Festival Today

Update: Edmonton’s High School Brawl and Toronto’s Hellmington won The Cinecoup Big Deal.

Who’s the next Wolf Cop? The CineCoup $1 Million Big Deal Pitch Event happens this afternoon at the Banff World Media Festival. Five Canadian filmmaking teams vie for the $1 million in production financing and guaranteed release in Cineplex theatres.

CineCoup’s 2nd film accelerator program launched four months ago, with the Vancouver-based new studio model looking to repeat Wolf Cop’s success, calling for genre concepts with franchise potential like “sci-fi, horror, action, thriller and comedy (or documentaries that deal with pop culture tropes such as King of Kong, Indie Game: The Movie, Trekkies, etc.)”.
The Final Five:
Two teams from Vancouver. One from Edmonton. And two teams from Toronto. 
A Western
Guns, blood, and moustaches… Shut up and saddle up, it gets messy.
A down and out bounty hunter’s last resort to settle his debts, leads him into a war with the deadliest gang in the west.
Vancouver. Western/Comedy.
cc a Western c
Black Land
You’ll be dying to leave.
What was meant to be a simple environmental assessment of Black Land becomes a horror filled assessment in survival.
Vancouver. Horror/thriller.

cc black land c

High School Brawl


In a state of the art juvenile correctional facility, one audacious student aims to teach the system a lesson in revenge.

Edmonton. Action/thriller.

cc hs brawl

Across All Galaxies

The truth is out there… and so are these guys.

The pompous, non-believing host of a late night conspiracy radio show has to reassess his beliefs when aliens abduct his daughter in front of his eyes Toronto comedy sic-fi.

Toronto. Comedy/Sci-fi.

cc across all galaxies c



Selected to experience the first ever “Psychological Extreme Haunted Asylum”, Katie Owens begins to question what is fake and what is real.

Toronto. Horror/thriller.

cc helmington c


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