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VIFF: Deepa Mehta’s BEEBA BOYS About Vancouver Indo-Gangster Gang to Screen at Vancouver International Film Festival This Fall


Meet the boys who gave crime a new style.

Remember Vancouver’s Indo-gangster “Bindy” Johal?  He and his Punjabi Mafia gang known as the Beeba Boys terrorized the city in the late 1990s until Bindy was gunned down in a Vancouver nightclub.

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Toronto director Deepa Mehta’s crime drama is inspired by Bindy Johal and tells the story of ruthless Vancouver Sikh mobster Jeet Johar (Randeep Hooda). His Indo-Sikh Beeba Boys try to overthrow the established Vancouver crime syndicate and take over the city drug and arms trade to the sound of bhangra beats and gunfire.

“Jeet Johar and his Beeba Boys have blazed a trail across this city. A trail of drugs. A trail of blood.”

Beeba Boys filmed mainly in Toronto with an Indian, Canadian and American cast: Randeep Hooda, Sarah Allen, Waris Ahluwalia, Ali Momen and Paul Gross. And then spent a week doing exteriors in Vancouver a year ago, with one shoot of the Beeba Boys near the former Vancouver Police Department building on Main Street, with real VPD officers and backgrounder VPD officers on set.

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Gala Screening: September 27th at 6:15 p.m. in the Centre for the Performing Arts.

Second Screening: September 29th at 3:00 p.m. in the Centre for the Perfroming Arts.
Postscript: A local anti-gang agency  told the Globe and Mail that the film glamorizes the gang lifestyle and exaggerates the power Bindy Johal had in Vancouver.


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