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PREMIERE: SECOND CHANCE With Rob Kazinsky & Tim DeKay Debuts Tonight on FOX

Second Chance debuts  tonight on FOX and star Rob Kazinsky is happy with the name changes from Frankenstein Code to Lookinglass to Second Chance. What’s the series about: Jimmy Pritchard, a 75-year-old, morally-bankrupt ex- L.A. County Sheriff (Phillip Baker Hall) is murdered by corrupt cops, only to be brought back to life by twin tech founders Otto (Dilshad Vadsaria) and Mary (Adhir Kalyan) as his younger 35-year-old self (Rob Kazinsky) – albeit with super human strength and speed and a chance to right his wrongs. Tim DeKay (White Collar) is Pritchard’s grownup FBI son, who he’ll partner with on his fight for redemption.

The twin tech founders bring Pritchard back to life because his DNA could save terminally-ill Mary.

second chance new poster e

 The procedural-with-a-twist filmed in metro Vancouver from late August until this week.

FOX cut its episode order from thirteen to eleven so that Second Chance could fit as a bridge between Fall and Spring seasons of their smash hit Empire.

It premieres tonight.

second-chance-poster e

Rob Kazinsky’s Frankenstein Smash in downtown Vancouver.

lg13 e-2

lg26 e-2

lg23 e-2

lg19 e-2

Second Chance’s signature car, sometimes mistaken by Supernatural fans as their show’s 1967 Impala.

lookinglass car e

Second Chance’s signature car is a black Buick Riviera.

second chance car






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