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LOCATION: Hallmark’s Hit Series CHESAPEAKE SHORES Filmed in Hollywood Northwest — Nanaimo, Parksville & Qualicum Beach — on Vancouver Island

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Filmed-in-Hollywood-Northwest Chesapeake Shores is a hit. The 2-hour movie premiere, shot on the Vancouver Mainland and in Victoria, attracted an audience of 2.5 million in Live +3 ratings which has reached 3.1 million when delayed viewing is added in.

The series, filmed on Vancouver Island, has grown that audience each and every week from 2.5 million to 3 million in Live +3 ratings over five episodes, setting a record for the Hallmark Channel. The sixth episode airs tonight.

Adapted from Sheryl Woods’s 10-book series, Chesapeake Shores is about the multi-generational Maryland O’Brien family. Abby O’Brien Winters (Meghan Ory), a divorced, mother of twins returns home to the Maryland town her father (Treat Williams) built after years in a demanding Wall Street job. The charming Inn at Eagle Point that her younger sister Jess (Laci J Mailey) renovated is facing foreclosure. Abby needs to save the Inn, deal with her fractured family and face her first love Trace Riley (Jesse Metcalfe), the man she left 15 years ago. Is Trace a second chance at love?

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Hollywood Northwest — Nanaimo, Parksville & Qualicum Beach — looks more like Chesapeake Bay on the Atlantic coast of the United States than the Vancouver mainland.


Maryland locals have been vocal on this site about how this does not resemble their home but producers have tried to minimize the west coastness of it all by keeping mountains and towering evergreens to a minimum. Chesapeake Shores locations include the Community Park and St. Edmond’s Church in Parksville and Leigh House and Milner Gardens in Qualicum Beach.

Milner Gardens.




The O’Brien siblings.



The beach and marina.





Martin Wood director

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15 thoughts on “LOCATION: Hallmark’s Hit Series CHESAPEAKE SHORES Filmed in Hollywood Northwest — Nanaimo, Parksville & Qualicum Beach — on Vancouver Island”

  1. We love, love, love Chesapeake Shores!!!! Fantastic family movie! . The scenery is beautiful! Milner Gardens and the family home are absolutely gorgeous!
    The actors and storyline is terrific!
    We hope the movie goes on for years. Once a week is too long to wait for the next episode.

    1. it’s cheaper for the production to go in Canada .. but it’s completely absurd because Maryland does not looks like British columbia …

  2. The scenery is lovely as a native Marylander who has also lived in Canada for 5 years I can say that this is not Maryland at all was excited to see this till I
    started watching and realized at once it was not filmed in Maryland. If I ignore
    that it is supposed to be a Maryland family it is not too bad but hard as a native
    to get past that so will have to give up on it and watch something else. Maryland
    is very beautiful with lots of quaint local shops and native food to ignore that
    is very disrespectful.

  3. As someone that has lived on the East coast but grew up
    In the Pacific Northwest, it seems a little ridiculous that you don’t just film it on the East coast. It isn’t very realistic which makes it a little difficult to watch.

    1. agreed!! The vast and enormous Cascades in the background of all the outdoor scenes is distracting and unrealistic! It is so NOT east coast Atlantic shoreline.

  4. I love the show! I was so sad to find out that this is not filmed where it says it is. I was so excited to look things up so I could go visit. Hollywood is not what I was expecting. So sad, I do love the characters. Not sure what I will do!

  5. Love this show, especially since Cedar Cove was cancelled. I am obsessed with the locations and love seeing the scenery each week but as others have stated, trying to pass it off as Chesapeake Bay is ludicrous. It is clearly the northwest area and not a chance is it believable to be Baltimore and the Bay. Do not understand not using the real location area as did Cedar Cove(passing off north eastern Vancouver to be Seattle area was believable!). The author of the books should have, if needing to keep the name, agreed to Chesapeake Shores being a fictitious area in the northwest. Will miss this show weekly, and too long to wait for next season!

  6. Grew up in Maryland. Spent best years of my life around the Bay and eastern shore. Never have watched series. Just saw commercial for it and aw heck no! That ain’t Md. Why not film where show is supposed to take place for real? Do the producers assume that people are too ignorant of U.S. geography to notice? There again, can not tell ya how many adults I have met that think Md. is somewhere near Rhode Island or Vermont. Go figure! Nearest mountains in Md. are so far west! Only thing close u might see is Calvert Cliffs. Maybe producers should research locations first. Fun fact, I have distinct Md. accent, many people think I am Canadian! All of us from southern Md. have slight southern draw. Yet, I am mistaken for Canadian. People just do not pay attention!

  7. As a Southern Canadian enjoying this beautiful series, I never gave the location a second though, as I’m sure is the case with most fans. The scenery is breathtaking and the storyline is sweet and wonderfully family centered. Where it’s filmed is really irrelevant. Possibly the Canadian tax breaks that I hear are offered to the filmmakers companies is part of it….. whatever the reason, I hope you keep on making this type of honest, simple, family oriented series. Susanne

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