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EVENT: Coffee at Vancouver’s Pop-up Luke’s Diner for GILMORE GIRLS Anniversary


Luke Danes (Scott Patterson) didn’t show up at Vancouver’s pop-up Luke’s Diner in Mount Pleasant today. But he did in Beverly Hills, California, one of the more than 200 coffee houses around North America that Netflix turned into Luke’s Diners to celebrate the series premiere of Gilmore Girls sixteen years ago and to promote the four-part revival which streams November 25th.

The line of Vancouverites getting a coffee at Luke’s today stretched around the block at Trafic’s on Main Street. Fans waited hours and hours for their takeout coffee with sayings on the back. Here’s one from Trafic.


And another from the Beverly Hills’ popup.

Gilmore Girls is about a mother and daughter — Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bleidel) — who are more like best friends than parent and child. They talk fast and drink endless cups of coffee.


Rory Gilmore cosplay?


Selfies in front of Luke’s sign.


Line stretched around the block.


There were more than 200 other popup Luke’s around North America.

But only one in Vancouver.


See Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki on set as Rory’s first boyfriend Dean for the Gilmore Girls revival in this featurette.

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Poster for Netflix Revival.



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