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SHOOT: THE FLASH in Vancouver’s Victory Square with Iris West & Big Bad Savitar?


Is that the god of motion Savitar in the motion capture suit? The Flash season 3’s Big Bad.

Update: Savitar revealed. Has Wolverine-style claws.


The Flash returned to downtown Vancouver’s Victory Square last night for the third or fourth time in a month. A BC windstorm played havoc with the crew setup in mid-October and that shoot was cancelled. A makeup shoot happened on October 20th with Arrow up the road at the Canada Post building.  And perhaps another one that I wasn’t in town for.

Last night was the latest of a sequence with the Flash, Iris West and a mo-cap actor believed to be season Big Bad Savitar in the southwest corner of the park.

Look how big he is next to the Flash.


What happens to Iris? The Flash runs to catch her.


After director says cut.


Savitar in the DC Comics.


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