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LIFETIME: True Crime Story Drama MENENDEZ BROTHERS To Start Filming in Vancouver on Valentine’s Day

After taking on the murder of Jon Benet, Lifetime’s next big true crime drama is the story of the Menendez brothers who killed their parents.

Menendez Brothers Trial 1990This is a true story about the rich and sordid lives of the Menendez family, ruled over by authoritarian father Jose, a self-made Cuban millionaire who routinely abused his sons, Lyle and Erik, and his alcoholic wife, Kitty. Afraid of their father’s wrath, the sons eventually take action, killing both their parents, and almost getting away with it — until their own unforced errors put them on trial for their lives.

Lifetime’s Menendez Brothers movie is expected to start filming Valentine’s Day in metro Vancouver and wrap March 9th, according to the Directors Guild of Canada – BC Production List.

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