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NEW MOVIE: Liam Neeson to Star in HARD POWDER (Remake of IN ORDER OF DISAPPEARANCE) This Spring in Vancouver & Banff

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Liam Neeson is expected to return to Vancouver this Spring to star in Hard Powder, a remake of the Norwegian film In Order of Disappearance. Neeson assumes Stellan Skarsgard’s role as an avenging father. A mild-mannered snowplow driver takes revenge on the drug dealers who murdered his son, with the bad guys piling up like plowed snow.

Hans Peter Molland, who directed the original, is directing the remake based on a script by Frank Baldwin.

Trailer for the original In Order of Disappearance.

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Hard Powder is expected to start filming March 20th on location in Vancouver and Banff, according to Production Weekly.

Update: Hard Powder filming dates from March 20th to May 24th (date subject to change), according to the DGC-BC Production list.

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