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SHOOT: THE FLASH & Kid Flash (Grant Gustin & Keiynan Lonsdale) & #Vipsy – Vibe & Gypsy (Carlos Valdes & Jessica Camacho) in Downtown Vancouver

flash x 2 2-2The Flash times two. Who or what were the Flash (Grant Gustin) and Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) dealing with today? It looked like they were shooting lightning, according to one fan. The two actors practiced the move in downtown Vancouver this morning and then nailed it in two takes. One, two, three….lightning bolts?

flash x 2 12-2flash x 2 10-2flash x 2-2Vibe times two. #Vipsy — Vibe (Carlos Valdes) and Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) — did something similar. One, two three ….vibe.

flash vibe x 2-3

flash vibe x 2 2-2flash vibe15-2

Aside: When Carlos Valdes arrived on set he entertained the crew and co-star Jessica Camacho by singing and performing for them. Song stuck in his head from the musical crossover last episode?

flash vibe 10-2

All together now. Production moved up a block for the big stunts.

flash vibe14-2-2

flash vibe 2 + kidflash vibe18-2Stunt doubles on platform. Who’s the silver-haired character meant to be?

flash stunt-2 Stunt.

flash stunt2-2

David Dastmalchian

once more unto the bleach, dear friends.

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Who wishes CC Jitters was a real coffee franchise?

flash jitters-2


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