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TEASER: DEADPOOL 2 Teaser – No Good Deed – With Ryan Reynolds in LOGAN Screenings

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Deadpool 2 teaser trailer ahead of Logan screening.

No Good Deed.

Wade Wilson sees a mugging in progress. Spotting a telephone booth opposite a theatre screening Logan he runs to change into his suit like Superman. We see his bare butt pressed up against the glass as he struggles to get into the suit. When he emerges in full super hero splendor, it’s too late. The guy’s dead so Deadpool chills with the corpse eating his Cherry Garcia ice-cream and motor-mouths (in an Aussie accent) about how easy it is for Logan who doesn’t have a real costume. Bonus: Stan Lee cameo.

Deadpool 2 is filming this summer in Vancouver, starting June 19th.

Not on my watch Motherfucker.



Cable is coming.



Firefly posters. Is Nathan Fillion in Deadpool 2?


Stan Lee cameo.

Wow, nice suit.

Zip it, Stan Lee.


Too late.


Ryan Reynolds tweet.

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