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NEW SERIES: Syfy’s GHOST WARS Starts Filming in Vancouver With Vincent D’Onofrio, Kim Coates, Avan Jogia, Kristin Lehman & Meatloaf

Vincent D’Onofrio. Daredevil image.

Paranormal series Ghost Wars starts filming in Vancouver today. Created by Continuum’s Simon Barry, Ghost Wars is set in a remote town in Alaska plagued by paranormal forces. Local pariah Roman Mercer has the repressed psychic powers to fight the mass haunting but has to overcome the town’s antipathy towards him and his own personal demons. Vincent D’Onofrio, Kim Coates, Avan Jogia, Kristin Lehman, Meatloaf, Luvia Petersen, Kandyse McClure, Elise Gatien co-star on this 13-episode series from Nomadic Pictures.


Avan Jogia. Victorious image.

Kim Coates. Bad Blood image.

Kristin Lehman. Motive image.

Luvia Petersen. Continuum image.

Kandyse Maclure. Battlestar Galactica image.

Like Van Helsing, Ghost Wars will premiere on Syfy in the U.S. and Netflix elsewhere in the world.

Filming is scheduled from today to September 11th (date subject to change) and production was later spotted at a house in Fort Langley.


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