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SEASON 4: SUPERGIRL’s New Armoured Suit in Action on National City Fair Grounds Set in Vancouver

Supergirl Season 4.

Jennifer Clarke, stunt double.


Episode 4×04 Ahimsa.

Season 4 villains Mercy & Otis Graves (Rhona Mitra & Robert Baker) use the device used to end Season 2’s Daxamite invasion but this time the atmosphere is flooded with Kryptonite instead of lead which almost kills Supergirl until Lena comes up with a solution — a special suit of protective armour.

Supergirl filmed this episode in late July while Melissa Benoist was performing on Broadway so it also worked as a creative solution to hide her absence.

Supergirl in her armoured suit fights on a National City Fair Grounds set on Vancouver’s False Creek.

Jennifer Clarke, stunt double.

The Set:

You can see Supergirl in her new suit in this photo.

You can see Alex (Chyler Leigh and her stunt double) rehearsing a fight scene in this photo.

Filming started at the other end with Mercy Graves entering the National City Fair Grounds.

Alex (Chyler Leigh) fight.

Guardian fight.

Tweets of set.

Team DEO4Ever @chy_leigh

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