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SEASON 7: Farewell Felicity Smoak. It’s Emily Bett Rickards’s Last Day on ARROW.

Arrow Season 7.


It’s been a ride — Emily Bett Rickards.

Tears from Emily Bett Rickards on her last day on Arrow.

Arrow is filming its season 7 finale at the house in the woods where Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen welcomed baby Mia into the world.

4390 Rice Lake Road.

Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) is on set.

Her husband Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is on set.

Diggle (David Ramsey) is on set.

Stephen Amell’s daughter Mavi sang a song for Emily Bett Rickards.


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Our kiddo wanted to sing @emilybett a song on her last day.

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Stephen Amell met with fans later.

@marimandacari tweet.

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With grownup Mia.

Emily Bett Rickards -Katherine McNamara-Stephen Amell = Mother-Daughter-Father at the Arrow wrap party last weekend.

Katherine McNamara Twitter.

The grownup Queen-Smoak family appear to be reunited in 2040 for the season finale.

Stephen Amell Twitter.

Ben Lewis, Stephen Amell, Katherine McNamara, Emily Bett Rickards = William Clayton, Oliver Queen, Mia Smoak, Felicity Smoak.

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Katherine McNamara Twitter.

I don’t know how the pieces fit together but last Friday, Arrow filmed overnight at Richmond City Hall as Palmer Tech.

Martin van del Hemel Twitter.

However we say goodbye to Felicity there will be tears.

Emily Bett Rickards announced she was leaving the show before production on the season finale began.

Felicity and I are a very tight two, but after one through seven we will be saying goodbye to you.

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Stephen Amell posted a heartfelt tribute when Arrow started filming the season 7 finale.

David Ramsey compiled some clips.


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WE were the lucky ones… #ArrowForever @emilybett @stephenamell

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Some highlights of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak’s relationship.

Meeting Felicity.

The romance.


Olicity on set in Vancouver.

Oliver and Felicity get married in the Crossover.

Oliver and Felicity Wedding Reception.

Olicity Bench at Stanley Park.

Oliver goes to prison.

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Oliver leaves prison and Olicity reunited.

Cleaned up Oliver and Felicity.

Felicity and Oliver have baby Mia.

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Mother and daughter are reunited in the future.

Emily Bett Rickards gives back to her hometown with acting scholarships.

Felicity Smoak will be missed.


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  1. Mystical J Wellendorff

    I was wondering where can i find the house that was used in season 7 of Arrow when Felicity and Oliver were married and having baby Mia?

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