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FINAL SEASON: SUPERNATURAL’s Sam & Dean & Cas & Jack & Pogo the Clown Film Premiere This Week

Supernatural Final Season.

Misha Collins Twitter. Image by Frieda Norman.

Sam & Dean & Cas & Jack rolling in Baby.

Wait a minute…Jack’s back from the dead…with sunglasses covering his burnt out eyes?

And weren’t Sam & Dean & Cas surrounded by a horde of the undead risen from their graves in the season 14 finale?

The Supernatural quartet — Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Alexander Calvert — started filming the season 15 premiere this week in Vancouver, with the first three days of filming in Ladner.

First day with Sam & Cas & John Wayne Gacy in his alter ego Pogo the Clown, filmed in a golf course subdivision in Ladner.

Misha Collins Twitter.

I saw Sam & Cas (Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins) on the left. John Wayne Gacy and other undead on the right.

Second day with Dean & Jack in village of Ladner.

KLR/@hotdamnkennyboy image.

Look at the smile she got from Jensen Ackles.

KLR/@hotdamnkennyboy image.

Third day in downtown Ladner.

Sam & Dean & Cas & Jack in the Impala.

Where we left Supernatural in season 14:

Sam & Dean went up against Chuck aka God after Dean changed his mind about killing Jack.

This isn’t how the story’s supposed to end! — Chuck.

Has Chuck been playing Sam & Dean the entire time? All the killing and loss of loved ones simply drama for Chuck’s entertainment.

This isn’t just a story. It’s our lives. So God or no God, you can go to hell. — Dean to Chuck.

Chuck snaps his fingers and kills Jack.

Fine. If that’s the way you want it? The story’s over. Welcome to The End. — Chuck.

Chuck disappears and everything goes dark as hell opens up and monsters from the past return to Earth.

Sam, Dean & Castiel are surrounded by the dead risen from their graves.

Tweets and Instagrams from cast & crew.

Supernatural Season 15 premieres Thursday, October 10th.


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