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COMIC CON: Wizards & Werewolves. Netflix’s THE ORDER at Comic Con @ Home

The Order

Goodbye Jack. — Alyssa.

The Order is back with season 2 on Netflix. The panel talks about the inspiration behind our favourite secret society, how our characters have coped with the events of season 1 and how we were able to bring some exciting guest stars to the season. They’ll also discuss their favorite magical couples and answer some burning questions left unanswered after the season 2 finale.

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Jake Manley – “Jack”
Adam DiMarco – “Randall”
Thomas Elms – “Hamish”
Devery Jacobs – ” Lilith”
Katharine Isabelle – “Vera”
Louriza Tronco – “Gabrielle”
Dennis Heaton – show creator and executive producer
Shelley Eriksen – executive producer and writer
Chad Oakes – executive producer
Mike Frislev – executive producer
Morris Chapdelaine – producer/moderator

Jack and Alyssa (Sarah Grey) walks away from Jack.

Alyssa runs into Gabrielle possessed by Midnight.

Jack runs to her side.

James Marsters guest stars in season 2.

The Order films in Vancouver.


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