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REOPENING: SUPERNATURAL’s Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles Self-Quarantining in Vancouver Ahead of August/September Shoot

Reopening Hollywood North

Self-quarantine is going well for Supernatural’s  J2 — Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles — who flew into Vancouver on Sunday night.

They zoomed into a Campfire Sing-a-Long today with the band Kansas and numerous fans hosted by co-star Misha Collins as part of his 2020 GISH Hunt.

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Not every day in the Canadian government-mandated 14-day self-quarantines will be as fun, but if all goes well  Supernatural can meet its target dates for filming its final two episodes.

August 18th to September 11th (via DGC-BC Production List)

Baby is waiting. Jim Michaels image.

Main Cast: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Alexander Calvert.

American producer Jim Michaels, American directors John F. Showalter and Robert Singer and whichever American guest actors are in the final episodes — like Rob Benedict who plays Chuck aka God — have to self-quarantine for two weeks, too.

Misha Collins shared a photo after production shut down in mid-March of the main cast together on set in Vancouver, shooting episode eighteen of the final season.

Jensen Ackles shared a similar photo on Jared Padalecki’s birthday .

Fans watch the main quartet filming in the Impala in early March.

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Supernatural is on The CW’s Fall schedule, with seven unaired episodes on Thursday nights.

We already have five episodes in the can of Supernatural. Jared and Jensen will go back as soon as they are able to to finish up the last two episodes and then Jared will go off to [new series] Walker. The two studios are in constant communication to make sure that this is a seamless handoff.  —  The CW’s Mark Pedowitz said in mid-May.

Five were filmed before the industry shutdown in mid-March out of coronavirus fears.

The final two (including the series finale) will be shot this summer.

What have the cast been doing?

Jared Padalecki, with his wife Genevieve, has grown a fearsome pandemic beard. The Padaleckis went on a long camping trip in the U.S.

Jensen Ackles and his wife Danneel Harris Ackles have promoted masking up to fight the spread of the virus..

Misha Collins has been staying active online with GISH, his political activism  and just formed a #SuperGood partnership with Michael Sheen.

Where did we leave Supernatural?

The last Supernatural episode to air was the thirteenth episode on March 23rd, with the Winchester brothers looking for an edge against Chuck aka God.

Destiny’s Child  featured Jared and Jensen’s real-life wives  Genevieve Padalecki and Danneel Harris Ackles reprising their characters demon Ruby and can’t-be-trusted Sister Jo.

And ended with Jack getting his soul back and apologizing to Sam & Dean for their mother Mary’s death — “It was all my fault”.  Is a restored Jack strong enough to defeat Chuck?

Who else can we expect to see in the final seven episodes?

Chuck aka God (Rob Benedict), God’s sister Amara/the Darkness (Emily Swallow), Sam & Dean’s half-brother Adam/Michael’s vessel (Jake Abel), angel Uriel (Robert Wisdom) and Charlie (Felicia Day) are expected to make appearances.



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