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THE END: Bye Bye Babys. SUPERNATURAL’s Impala Fleet Heads South With 2 Impalas Going To Jensen & Jared in Texas


Bye Bye Babys.

Where is this fleet of Babys — as Supernatural’s signature ’67 Impala is known — going?

The main “hero” Impala is going to live with Dean Winchester aka Jensen Ackles in Austin, Texas.

The Hero car, the one that we always drive….that one’s coming home with me. I’m gonna clean her up but not change anything….I’m gonna need to add an air conditioning unit because we live in Texas. I’m probably gonna get new speakers and a radio system in there that actually works, but everything else…I’m gonna leave the creak in the doors and the split in the seats. — Jensen Ackles on Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum.

And a second Impala is going to live with Sam Winchester aka Jared Padalecki in Austin, Texas.

We both get a car. …It wasn’t in either of our contracts. It was a gift from them. ..I’m actually the car guy. My first car ever was a ’69 Camaro. I still have it. I also had a ’66 Mustang. He had Broncos and stuff but I’m the car guy. When they said an Impala I’m like [is] it black, what’s the year?….I have car books and parts books from when I was seven years old….give me a late 60s muscle car and I can fiddle…I’m the classic car guy.– Jared Padalecki on Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum.

That wasn’t contractual. It was something Warner Bros. did for us … they could have probably sold the cars for a million dollars a piece….those cars are very valuable and Peter Roth said: Thank you guys so much for doing such a wonderful job for so long, we’d like you to have this… Dean Winchester’s the car guy [on Supernatural] but Jared Padalecki’s the car guy [in real life] – Jared Padalecki on Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum.

The Impalas are on their way and Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are too — driving home to Austin in a U-Haul.


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