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EVENT: How Many Speedsters Are In THE FLASH’s 2-Part Season 7 Finale Heart of the Matter?

The Flash


How many speedsters are in The Flash’s two-part season 7 finale called Heart of The Matter?

Grant Gustin’s The Flash aka Barry Allen of course.

Jessica Parker Kennedy’s XS aka Barry and Iris West Allen’s daughter-from-the-future Nora Allen.

Jordan Fisher’s Impulse aka Barry and Iris West Allen’s teen-son-from-the-future Bart Allen.

Tom Cavanagh’s Reverse Flash.

Numerous Godspeeds.

And the one true Godspeed aka August Heart?

Plus John Wesley Shipp’s  Jay Garrick and perhaps more.

Heart of the Matter, Part One, is directed by Eric Dean Seaton.

Heart of the Matter, Part Two is directed by Marcus Stokes.

Who’s in it? Via Eric Dean Seaton.


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Filming in Vancouver:

May 7th – The Arc Building.

The Flash, XS, Impulse versus Godspeeds.


May 8th – Closed down Georgia Viaduct.

Godspeed on the Viaduct.

May 11th – Robson Square.

The Flash and XS hugging.

What happened to XS?


Killer Frost


May 12th, 13th, 14th – Christchurch Cathedral in downtown Vancouver

Flash, XS, one true Godspeed?

Zauriel Cathedral.

Grant Gustin as The Flash. Comics are Cool image.

One true Godspeed? Comics are Cool image.

May 13th & May 20th-21st – Science Centre.

The Flash, Reverse Flash & Godspeed.

Did someone roll off the ball at Science Centre?

Setting up Vancouver’s Science World as Central City Science Center.

May 21st-22nd – The Flash, Reverse Flash, Godspeed.

There is a fight but it’s not clear whether The Flash and Reverse Flash are a teamup.


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