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SEASON ONE: Last Sons of Krypton is the SUPERMAN & LOIS Season Finale Title Directed By Tom Cavanagh

Superman & Lois

Last Sons of Krypton.

That’s the title of the Superman & Lois season finale directed by Tom Cavanagh.

It suggests a showdown between our Superman Kal-El and his half-brother Tar-Rho, but this series has been subverting our expectations all season long.

Morgan Edge confirmed in episode 1×10 that he’s the first son of Krypton to land on Earth. He’s Lara Lor-Van’s son with Zeta-Ro before she married Jor-El.

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In Vancouver, fans are ahead.

Last week some saw Superman & Lois film a Men of Steel team up against Leslie Larr in downtown Vancouver, but Larr’s boss Morgan Edge wasn’t spotted.

Superman aka Clark Kent teams up with Steel aka John Henry Irons against Leslie Larr.

Superman & Lois is filming its season finale in Cloverdale as Smallville today.

With The Flash’s Tom Cavanagh directing.

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Tom Cavanagh told EW that Superman & Lois asked him to direct their finale because he’d directed the 100th episode of The Flash and understood the “pomp and circumstance of these types of episodes”.

I love the fact that [Superman is] a Warner Bros. property that’s getting yet another go-around. I love the fact that they’re getting to the emotional and familial heart of it. I’m just really looking forward to directing their finale….. I’m just so grateful for the invitation. — Tom Cavanagh to EW.

Tom Cavanagh is comfortable with directing a show that is visually distinct from The Flash.

I think the richness of the emotion [Superman & Lois is] trying to bring is mirrored by their cinematic style. I think it looks ridiculously great. I remember the [shot of] the amber waves of grain and the sun setting with the iconic Kent mailbox in front of the Smallville farmhouse, it says so much! If you’re a fan of the comic, that shot is pulled out from the best artwork that Superman has offered over the years and they’re doing it on camera. It’s really wonderful. — Tom Cavanagh to EW.

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