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WRAP: Netflix Movie RESCUED BY RUBY Starring THE FLASH’S Grant Gustin Wraps Filming in Victoria

Rescued By Ruby

LA Thoma Gustin & Grant Gustin in Victoria.

Rescued by Ruby, the true story cop & canine movie starring The Flash’s Grant Gustin, has wrapped filming in Victoria.

Grant Gustin and his wife LA Thoma-Gustin, who are expecting “Baby G”, have been living on Vancouver Island during production and like others in the Pacific Northwest experienced the extreme heat of the Heat Dome in late June without air conditioning.

Cooling off with ice cream cones in Victoria during the Heat Dome.

Filming dates: June 2nd to July 9th.

What’s the movie about?

Ruby had an awful lot of energy. Her original owner surrendered her to the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals because of her generally “unmanageable” personality. The cute pup was quickly adopted and then returned – five times. Things were looking pretty grim for the border collie/Australian shepherd mix. Hours away from being euthanized, officer Daniel O’Neil (Grant Gustin) was smitten with the 8 month-old puppy. He thought she had potential and decided to pursue his dream of being a canine officer. Could this be his new partner? This is the true story of how these two underdogs found their dream together.

Cast: Grant Gustin

Director Katt Shea

Writer: Karen Janszen.

Grant Gustin wrapped season 7 of The Flash on the Victoria Day long weekend and went straight into filming Rescued by Ruby in Victoria.

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Filming in Victoria:

Clover Point.

Esquimalt Lagoon.

LA Thoma-Gustin’s Instagram.

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