Emilija Baranac, Richard Harmon, & Jennifer Tong Starring in CBC Gem’s FAKES Series Filming in Vancouver

CBC Gem and Netflix’s Fakes, a new comedy series about a fake ID empire filming in Vancouver, announced its cast today: Emilija Baranac, Richard Harmon and Jennifer Tong.

A friendship is tested when two BFFs accidentally build one of the largest fake ID empires in North America.

CBC Gem & Netflix’s Fakes Comedy Series Filming in Vancouver This Fall.

Filming dates: October 12th – December 8th.

Showrunner: David Turko (Warrior Nun).

Cast: Emilija Baranac, Richard Harmon, Jennifer Tong.

Episodes: 10 Half-Hours.

Directors: Jasmin Mozaffari, Joyce Wong, Mars Horodyski.

Producers: Reality Distortion Field’s Simon Barry and Stephen Hegyes, Jax Media’s Lilly Burns and Tony Hernandez, Netflix.

Sources: Production Weekly, DGC-BC Production List, Deadline: Hollywood.

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