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KIM’S CONVENIENCE’s Andrea Bang Stars With Robbie Amell in FLOAT Filming in Vancouver

KIM’S CONVENIENCE’s Andrea Bang Stars With Robbie Amell in FLOAT Filming in Vancouver

The Canadian feature Float has adapted the global digital storytelling phenomenon to reflect a young Asian woman’s experience and cast Andrea Bang from Kim’s Convenience as the lead character Waverly.

In Kate Marchant’s original WattPad story, which racked up over 25 million reads on the Toronto app, Waverly was not written as Asian. Director Sherren Lee worked with Marchant to bring some of her own background to the character via The Hollywood Reporter.

The beach romance centres on Waverly (Andrea Bang), who impulsively decides to spend her summer before college in a beach town, where she finds herself falling for local lifeguard Blake (Robbie Amell). Soon, Waverly has to decide between her pre-planned future of becoming a doctor and following her heart.

Robbie Amell is producing the film and co-starring as the local lifeguard Blake..

Kate wrote such an incredibly touching and relatable love story. I hope the fans are as excited as I am to see these characters come to life — Robbie Amell in a statement.

Cast: Robbie Amell, Andrea Bang, Andrew Bachelor (King Bach), Rukiya Bernard, Michelle Krusiec, Sarah Desjardins, Ghazal Azarbad and Tristan Arthurs

Director: Sherren Lee.

Sherren Lee co-wrote the screenplay with Jesse LaVercombe.

As a romantic myself, I want audiences to believe in love and that summer romances don’t only happen in the movies. I also want young Asian women to be able to see themselves represented onscreen in a film for all audiences. I’m so grateful to Kate to have created this love story grounded in the theme of belonging and allowed me to bring a piece of myself to this adaptation.Director Sherren Lee in a statement.

Filming dates: September 9th to October 8th.

Feature Float With Robbie Amell as a Beach Bum to Film in Vancouver

Filming in BC:

Robbie Amell shared this Squamish location on September 16th.

And this rainy location on September 17th.

Someone spotted Float setting up in Boundary Bay on September 19th.

Location for September 23rd.

October 1st location.

October 4th.

Producers: Wattpad Studios, Collective Pictures, Lionsgate.

Collective Pictures’ sci-fi thriller Code 8 from cousins Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell is filming its sequel in Toronto after Float wraps in Vancouver.

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