Jenna Dewan Back in Vancouver to Film More Lucy Lane on SUPERMAN & LOIS Season 2

Jenna Dewan is back in Vancouver to film more of Lucy Lane on Superman & Lois Season 2.

Supergirl season one’s Lucy Lane will recur as Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch)’s younger sister.

The Lane Sisters in Superman & Lois Season 2: Lucy (Jenna Dewan) & Lois (Bitsie Tulloch) Lane.

This should be fun. Jenna Dewan’s Lucy Lane was introduced in Supergirl as a JAG prosecutor and James Olsen’s fiancée.

We don’t know how much of her backstory will remain since she will have a different father on Superman & Lois: Dylan Walsh plays General Sam Lane on Superman & Lois not Glenn Morshower. And after Crisis on Infinite Earths, some history has been rewritten.

At the end of Superman & Lois season one, General Lane stepped back from the DOD.

Teen Wolf Reunion on Superman & Lois Season 2 With Ian Bohen as Superman’s New DOD Boss

Superman’s new boss at the DOD in season 2 will be Lt. Mitch Anderson played by Tyler Hoechlin’s fellow Teen Wolf alum Ian Bohen.

His worldview divides into two types – those you serve and those who serve you. He doesn’t like that Superman exists outside that paradigm and tries to bring the Man of Steel under his authority officially. — Deadline Hollywood.

Tyler Hoechlin’s instagram.

Bo, what’re you doin here?

Superman & Lois began filming season 2 in mid-September and the new season premieres January 11th on The CW.

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