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MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM’s Third & Final Season Starts Filming in Vancouver

MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM’s Third & Final Season Starts Filming in Vancouver

The Witch Army is back for one more season of filming in Vancouver.

Raelle (Taylor Hickson), Tally (Jessica Sutton) and Abigail (Ashley Nicole Williams) as the trio of young witches who defend an alternative America against threats to the nation as part of the United States Army.

Freeform renewed Motherland: Fort Salem for a third and final season.

Filming dates: November 2nd to March 25th, 2022.

Executive producer Amanda Tapping is directing the season premiere.

Showrunner: Eliot Laurence.

Cast: Taylor Hickson, Jessica Sutton, Ashley Nicole Williams, Amalia Holm, Demetria McKinney and Lyne Renée.

Producers: Eliot Laurence, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Kevin Messick and Amanda Tapping.

Season 2 had some romantic moments between Raelle and Scylla (Amalia Holm) aka #Raella but ended with what appeared to be two major deaths.

Alder (Lyne Renée) died from an injury sustained during the battle with the Camarilla, but not before saying goodbye to Raelle, Abigail and Tally.

But her death didn’t stick. As she became one with Mycelium she must have regenerated, opening her eyes in the final moments of the finale.

The other wasn’t so fortunate. After discovering that Vice-President Blanton Silver (Victor Webster)’s daughter Penelope (Mellany Barrow) was the source of the witch plague, Raelle and Abigail had to witchbomb her death only to discover later that her father had orchestrated her death.

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