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What Happened to THE FLASH’s Justice League? Back in the Hall of Justice on Armageddon Parts 2 & 3.

What Happened to THE FLASH’s Justice League? Back in the Hall of Justice on Armageddon Parts 2 & 3.

What happened to The Flash’s Justice League formed at the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths with STAR Aerospace Division as the new Hall of Justice?

A Boundary Bay Airport hangar south of Vancouver plays S.T.A.R Aerospace Division.

It looks a little lonely without Oliver Queen’s Green Arrow (who died in Crisis on Infinite Earths), Supergirl, Superman, White Canary, Kate Kane’s Batwoman and Martian Manhunter.

My favorite thing, and not to discredit anything else, is I have a lot of really cool scenes, a lot of the meat of the beginning of “Armageddon,” with Cress as Jefferson from Black Lightning. We had like, I think, three jam-packed days of work, but it was a lot that we got into those three days. It was all at the Hall of Justice set, which is a cool location on this airfield. It was a day shoot leading into two night shoots. It was just a cool filming experience, but also I think some of the best heavy scenes that I have in the first three, four episodes. So I’m looking forward to seeing how those turned out. I know we had a good time shooting them, and there were a lot of different elements in those scenes.

The Flash Forms the Justice League on Earth Prime at End of Crisis on Infinite Earths

Filming the formation of the Justice League for Crisis on Infinite Earths at the Boundary Bay Airport hangar in October 2019.

Inside the Hall of Justice.

An empty chair for Oliver Queen’s Green Arrow.

The Flash’s Justice League on a unified Earth-Prime almost ended before it began mainly because of the pandemic. A crossover was not possible last season because of Covid shutdowns, delays and uncertainties in the production schedules.. What about the Justice League members? Melissa Benoist got pregnant in late 2019, took a maternity leave in the Fall of 2020 and Supergirl decided to end with season 6. Ruby Rose departed Batwoman in May 2020 and Javicia Leslie’s Batwoman took time to set up but she will be helping out Team Flash in Armageddon Parts 3 & 4.. And Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman got his own show with Lois Lane that so far has stood apart from the others. What about Caity Lotz’s White Canary and the other Legends.? They were stuck in 1925 when Armageddon was filming.

It looks like Supergirl’s absence will be explained in Part 2. The new Batwoman and Supergirl’s Sentinel will join the Flash and Black Lightning in Part 3. And Arrow’s Mia Smoak/Green Arrow shows up in Part 5.

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